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Kenya- Ass2

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Developed country A country that is rich, and has many services and a high standard of living.
Developing Country A country that is poor with few services and a low standard of living.
Standard of Living The level of material goods, wealth and comfort available to the people of a country.
Safari An organized tour by tourists to view the wildlife of Africa.
Ethnic A group of people with common race, nationality, religion, language, culture and food habits.
Volcanic activity The ejection or pouring out of molten magma through an opening in the earth's crust.
Rift Valley A deep steep sided valley formed by the sinking of land between two cracks on the earth's surface.
Great Rift Valley A deep geographical trench 60 km wide and extending along the whole length of Africa.
Shanty settlements Areas of poor quality housing at the edge of the city. It is often built on poor quality building land and often lacks water supply, electricity and sewage disposal.
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