What do we learn from listening to the voices

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What do we learn from listening to the voices
  1. The Children


    • http://raisingchildren.net.au/learning_about_autism/learning_about_autism.html
    1. Development
      1. Available services
        1. Health and daily care
          1. Therapies and Services
          2. The School
            1. Which School ("Who's Going to Teach My Child") Dept. Education NSW
              1. Which Class, Mild to Severe
                1. Money and care
                  1. Medicare and Centrelink
                  2. Autism Spectrum


                    • http://www.autismspectrum.org.au/content/diagnostic-assessment-services
                    1. Early intervention strategies are best
                      1. Respite care for parents
                        1. Diagnostic services are best to start
                          1. Social networks will help parents
                          2. What is Autism


                            • http://www.autisnspectrum.org.au/sites/defult/files/Aspect%20Practice%20%20Whati%20is%20autism-Feb2015.pdf
                            1. Autism is a developmental disorder
                              1. 23,000 Australian's have Autism
                                1. There are no specific indicators of Autism
                                  1. Children may present with several indicators
                                    1. Spectrum is the word used to note the varied levels of Autism
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