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Inclined Planes Hamza Ahmed Year 8
What are inclined planes or ramps? A sloping ramp up which heavy loads can be lifted. 204bb922-cc97-45bf-8eb8-5f3a039773d3.png (image/png)
What do ramps do? It makes us use much less force to do a very difficult task but with more distance to cover.
What is an example of a ramp? A winding road up a hill, it makes the journey much safer when going down but increases distance. 1a5dece1-4a3f-40e1-b7f4-48a182215dc6.jpg (image/jpg)
What are wedges? A piece of wood, metal, etc. having one thick end and a thin, sharp edge, which drives between an object to separate it. a0774a02-2f81-4bd2-abc8-4dc5062cd1fd.gif (image/gif)
What are wedges used for? They're used for splitting objects, like cutting down trees or biting into an apple. 78eda427-52b7-48f6-9bb8-4433a5f026b4.gif (image/gif)
What are some examples of wedges? 2b577c16-96fb-4638-b71d-821fb738c818.jpg (image/jpg)
What makes a wedge more productive? The sharper and the longer it is
How do you work out the mechanical advantage of a ramp? Mechanical advantage= Length of slope ----------------------- height of slope
A crate on a 10 m ramp is pushed into a doorway 2 m above the ground. What is the mechanical advantage 10 ÷ 2 = 5 Mechanical advantage = 5
What are zips? A simple machine consisting of two strips of metal or plastic with interlocking projections. 38083d54-70fb-4519-aec7-8b66a0b4b476.jpg (image/jpg)
What are some examples of zips? Clothing, purses and wallets 912b5c97-c18f-4850-9752-e10d8e8dec29.jpg (image/jpg)
How do zips work? A central wedge unlatches the teeth as the zip is undone and side wedges force the teeth together when the zip is done. 6f9ff72d-54a3-4706-8c60-3784a9ea89df.gif (image/gif)
What are screws? A spiral shaped inclined plane 12eff641-fd1a-418c-98e3-82b887af1fd8.png (image/png)
What are some types of screws? Wood screws Air propeller screws Boat propeller screws 10d16f27-9843-4266-bdf8-6fd744d5e8af.gif (image/gif)
What are they used for? Wood screws are for cutting timber Air propeller screws are for cutting air Boat propeller screws are for cutting water
How do screws work? As a screwdriver turns a screw, the material moves a long the spiral ramp. The spiral is called the thread. 8fe0ece0-0307-48b7-92cf-b695d37b4529.png (image/png)
What is a small pitch? When the threads are much closer to each other, needing more turns, less force. 0ecd4e21-fc33-435d-bacb-beb03e083a7a.jpg (image/jpg)
What is a large pitch? When there's a lot of space between the threads, less turns, more force. 58bf17cd-e7dd-4778-9dcd-263f37bc76b3.jpg (image/jpg)
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