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Define principal axis The line which joins the centers of curvatures of the lens
Focal point The point where all rays paralell to principal axis, passing through the lens, come to focus
Focal lengt Distance between center of lens and focal point
Linear magnification The ratio between size of image and size of object
Power of a lens (convex) The extent to which light is bent p=1/f
Dioptres m^-1
Far point Distance between eye and furthest object wich can be brought into focus. (Infinity)
Near point Distance between eye and nearest object that can be brought into focus witout strain or aid to the eye. (25cm)
Angular magnification The ration between the angle subtended by the object normally and the angle subtended by the object with an optical system
Light year The distance traveled by light in one year
Luminosity (of a star) The total ammount of energy (radiated by a star) per secuond (W)
Apparent brightness The ammount of energy recieved per unit area per second (Wm^-1
Parsec The distance when parallax angle subtended is one arc second
Absolute magnitude The magnityde as seen from 10pc away
Critical density The average density of matter required for the Universe to halt its expansion
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