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Unit 1.2 Inclined Planes


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What are ramps? Ramps are inclined planes used to help lift an object.
What are inclined planes? Inclined planes are simple machines that reduce the effort needed to lift a load by increasing the distance it acts.
How do ramps make climbing easier? Ramps make climbing easier by reducing the effort force needed.They do this by making you travel over a long distance.
Why is it that the roads and tracks through mountain ranges ar usually twisted and winding? This is because by travelling a greater distance over a winding road,you can climb the mountain using less effort force.
Why would loading objects in a truck be almost impossible without the use of a ramp? This is because when we use a ramp, we use a smaller force over a longer distance in loading objects into a truck.
What are wedges? A wedge is a double inclined plane that moves through another object.
How does a wedge work? A wedge changes the direction of a force,enabling an object to be split.The longer the inclined edge of a wedge and the sharper it is, the easier the object is to split.
How can you find the mechanical advantage of a ramp?
A crate of weight 600N is pushed with an effort force of 120N up a 15-metres ramp in length and 3-metres in height. Calculate the Mechanical Advantage of this ramp.
Given that the load is the weight of the crate,which is 600N, calculate the size of the effort force required to push the crate up this ramp.
What does a zip consist of? A zip consists of two sets of interlocking teeth and it is very strong when fastened.
How many wedges does the slide of a zipper use? The slide of a zipper uses three wedges.
What do the collection of wedges in a zipper slide do? A central wedge unlatches the teeth as the zip is undone and side wedges force the teeth together when the zip is done up.
What is a screw? A screw is a spiral inclined plane that winds around a metal cylinder.
What are the different types of screws that cut through different materials? Wood screw cut through timber, boat propellers are screws that cut through water and aircraft propellers are screws that cut through the air.
Why do you use less force when using a screwdriver than using a hammer? This is because the screw is moved a greater distance through the object when screwed into place.
What is the difference between a screw with a small pitch and a screw with a large pitch? A screw with a small pitch is easy to screw into a piece of wood, but it must be turned many times. A screw with a large pitch takes fewer turns to be inserted into a wood, but it requires more force than the previous screw.
What's another name for a spear thrower? Woomera
What are the types of stones that were best suited for producing flakes? The types of stone that were best suited to producing flakes were those rich in silica, such as quartz and flint.
What was used to attach a cutting stone to a piece of wood as a handle? Resins were used to attach a cutting stone to a piece of wood as a handle.
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