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Energy Rating Labels Energy efficiency is shown by the number of stars on the label. The more stars that are shaded on the energy rating label, the greater the energy efficiency of the appliance. 
Efficient housing Living in an energy-efficient house makes it easier for households to reduce their energy consumption.
Innovative designs Regenerative braking Interior cooling in parked cars Magnetic refrigeration LED lighting Organic photovoltaics Dry washing machines.
Regenerative braking The regenerative braking system of a hybrid car captures some of the vehicle's kinetic energy as the car slows down. Stored in a battery, this energy is then used to power the car's electric motor when needed.
Solar Powered + Interior cooling in cars Some cars now incorporate solar cells on the roof of the car. These cells power interior fans that prevent the inside of the car from getting too hot when the car is parked. This reduces the need for air conditioning when the car is being driven.
Magnetic refrigeration Magnetic refrigeration is a new way of providing cooling using a magnetic field.
LED lighting LED (light-emitting diodes) are very bright but use very little energy.
Organic photovoltaics Are a new generation of flexible and cheap solar cells that are made from carbon-based materials.
Dry washing machines These machines clean clothes using thousands of dirt-absorbing nylon beads and use 90% less water than a conventional washing machine.
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