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Essential Standard HS.SI.1 Evaluate resources needed to solve a given problem Clarifying Objectives HS.SI.1.1 Evaluate resources for reliability. (Reliability can be determined by currency, credibility, authority, etc. depending on the curriculum topic).
Essential Standard HS.TT.1 Use technology and other resources for assigned tasks. Clarifying Objectives HS.TT.1.1 Use appropriate technology tools and other resources to access information (multi-database search engines, online primary resources, virtual interviews with content experts).
Essential Standard HS.RP.1 Design project-based products that address global problems. Clarifying Objectives HS.RP.1.1 Design global-awareness project-based products individually and collaboratively.
Essential Standard HS.SE.1 Analyze issues and practices of responsible behavior when using resources. HS.SE.1.1 Analyze ethical issues and practices related to copyright, not plagiarizing, and netiquette.
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