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Essential Standard 6.SI.1 Analyze resources to determine their reliability, point of view, bias, and relevance for particular topics and purposes. Clarifying Objective 6.SI.1.1 Analyze resources in terms of their reliability (which can be determined by currency, credibility, or authority, depending on the topic or purpose)
Essential Standard 6.TT.1 Use technology and other resources for the purpose of accessing, organizing, and sharing information. Clarifying Objective 6.TT.1.1 Select appropriate technology tools to gather data and information (e.g., Web-based resources, e-books, online communication tools, etc.).
Essential Standard 6.RP.1 Apply a research process for collaborative or individual research. Clarifying Objective 6.RP.1.1 Implement a research process collaboratively.
Essential Standard 6.SE.1 Apply responsible behaviors when using information and technology resources. Clarifying Objective 6.SE.1.1 Apply ethical behavior (copyright, not plagiarizing, proper netiquette) when using resources.
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