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1. Identify terms that apply to the structural organization of the body.

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cell smallest living unit
cell membrane surrounds, protects the cell and regulates what passes in and out of the cell
nucleus controls the operation of the cell
chromosomes rod-like structures within the nucleus
genes contains a chemical called DNA
karyotype is a photograph of an individual's chromosomes, arranged by size, shape,and number. (determine whether chromosomes are normal)
DNA regulates the activities of the cell according to its sequence (arrangement into genes) on each chromosome
endoplasmic reticulum network of canals within the cytoplasm of the cells. (large proteins are made from smaller proteins
anabolism process of building up large proteins from small protein pieces called amino acids.
catabolism complex nutrients are broken down to simpler substances and energy is released
cytoplasm all of the materials that is outside of the nucleus and yet contained within the cell membrane
metabolism total of chemicals processed in a cell
mitochondria structures in the cytoplasm that provide the principal source of energy for the cell.
catabolism is the process that occurs in mitochondria
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