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Negotiation A bargaining process between individuals or groups to reach agreement.
Promissory A written promise to pay money at a certain time.
Currency Money in any form issued by a government.
Republic A country in which the head of state us elected by the people.
Dynasty A series of rulers who belong to the same family.
Credit The ability to get goods before you have paid for them.
Face Value The Value printed on the face of the banknote.
Fiat Money Paper money that cannot be exchanged for precious metals.
Sterling The name given to British money.
Phishing The act of using email to fool a computer user to get personal information.
Intellectual Relating to mental stimulation such as reading, studying and learning new things.
Recreational Activities related to leisure such as play, sport and relaxation.
Minerals A solid substance that occurs naturally and that comes from the earth.
Goods Items or Products, you can see or touch. (tangible)
Services Actions that businesses do for you.
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