Elements, Mixtures 'n' Compounds

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Created by Ellen Billingham almost 6 years ago
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Question Answer
Define condensation When a gas hits a cold surface, which makes it turn back into a liquid.
Define solidifying When a liquid turns into a solid, normally by freezing
Define sublimination The change of state straight from a solid to a gas.
Describe how you can test for carbon dioxide. Have a tube going from the experiment to another test tube containing limewater. If the limewater turns milky white, carbon dioxide is present.
Whereabouts on the periodic table are the metals? They are on the left.
Where are the transition metals on the periodic table? They are in the middle
Where are the non-metals on the periodic table? They are on the right
What are the only two elements on the periodic table that are liquid at room temperature? Mercury and Bromine.
Describe the particle diagrams for solids. solid_particles.jpg (image/jpg)
Describe the particle diagrams of liquids. liquid_particles.jpg (image/jpg)
Describe the particle diagrams of gases. gas_particles.jpg (image/jpg)
Define melting Heating a solid so that it changes state into a liquid.
Define boiling Heating a liquid to its boiling point so that it evaporates into a gas