The Recovery of the Republic

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When did Stresemann introduce the Rentenmark and what did this do? November 1923. It Stabilized the currency and German people showed confidence in it
When did the Rentenmark convert to the Reichsmark and what effect did this have? 1924. It gradually restored the value of the German money
When did Stresemann negotiate the Dawes plan with the US and what did this achieve? 1924. It reorganized and reduced reparations and meant the French withdrawal from the Ruhr
When were the US loans and what did this mean? 1924-1930. Helped pay reparations and greatly helped the German industry
When was the Lacarno pact and what did this achieve? 1925. Improved relations with Britain and France and guaranteed Germany's boarders
When did Stresemann negotiate German entry into the league of nations and what did this achieve? 1925. Meant Germany was recognized as a superpower once more
What was the Kellog-Briand pact and when did it happen? Germany was one of 65 nations that agreed to resolve problems peacefully. It helped other countries trust Germany more in 1928
When was the young plan and what happened? 1929. Reduced reparations. France agreed to leave the Rhineland early
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