Sources of Food

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What are the MAIN Chemical Controls to Protect Crops? 823513fb-954c-453b-9aee-a74a089481f0.jpg (image/jpg) Pesticides and Herbicides.
What are the advantages of Biological pest controls? No chemicals are used,so there will not be any contamination in the water and in soil. adb78d84-caa4-414c-bd0b-a1f6648a5174.jpg (image/jpg)
How do we increase Food Production? bfa72d55-9d1c-4a99-b5c7-0ab61f5b57d3.jpg (image/jpg) i) One way of increasing food production is to improve the plant and animal varieties (e.g Good seedlings will grow into bigger and better crops)
Why did the birds population after the use of herbicides and pesticides? The chemicals would have destroyed the food chains.
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