A wife in London

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This will help you revise the poem "A wife in London" by Thomas Hardy

Luke Howson
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Question Answer
Stanza 1 Get ready!
She sits in the ______ vapour Tawny
That the ____ lanes have uprolled City
Behind who's _____ fold on fold Webby
Like a ______ tapour Waning
The ______ lamp glimmers cold Street
Stanza 2 Get ready!
A __________ knock cracks smartly Messenger's
_______ news is in her hand Flashed
Of _______ it dazes to understand Meaning
Though shaped so _______ Shortly
He has ______ in the far southland Fallen
Stanza 3 Get ready!
'Tis the morrow, the fog hangs _______ Thicker
The postman _____ and goes Nears
A letter is brought _____ lines disclose Whose
By the _________ flicker Firelight
His hand, ____ the worm now knows Whom
Stanza 4 Get ready!
Fresh, firm, penned in _______ feather Highest
____ full of his hoped return Page
And of home planned ______ by brake and burn Jaunts
In the ______ weather Summer
And of new ____ that they would learn Love
Poem Complete! Now try taking more than one word out so you know the whole poem from memory!