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An overview of what happened at the conferences from 1943-55

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1 Tehran
1.1 28th of Nov-1st of Dec 1943
1.2 This was to discuss post-war Europe
1.2.1 They agreed on the US and GB were to liberate from the West and USSR from the East
2 London
2.1 Feb-June 1948
2.2 Stalin refuses the US proposals to have the Ostmark all over Belin to end the Berlin blockade.
2.3 This conference was solely to resolve the Berlin Blockade
3 Potsdam
3.1 July-August 1945
3.2 Agreements
3.2.1 Denazification
3.2.2 German Demilitarisation
3.2.3 Council of Ministers
3.2.4 Punishment of War Criminals
3.3 Disagreements
3.3.1 Reparations
3.3.2 Powers of Allied control commision
3.3.3 Poland's Western border
4 Geneva
4.1 May 1955
4.2 Reduce tensions between the Soviet and western blocs through: reunification of Germany, European security, disarmament, development of contacts between East and West
4.3 Agreements
4.3.1 USSR agreed to pull out from Austria if it remained neutral and did not join the NATO
4.3.2 To meet agin to discuss Germany, security and Disarmament
4.4 Diagreements
4.4.1 Arms control
4.4.2 Germany
5 Berlin
5.1 25th of Jan-18th of Feb 1954
5.2 This was for plans over the reunification of Germany.
5.3 Both sides were fearful of this. USSR due to free elections=Communists might not win. US=Free Germany may be vulnerable to the USSR's influence
6 Yalta
6.1 Feb 1945
6.2 Last wartime summit first post-war summit
6.3 Agreements
6.3.1 Each country (France GB US and USSR to have their own zone in Berlin.
6.3.2 Establish UN

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