Glossary of Ethical Decision Making Vocabulary

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'Principal of Totality' the parts of the body that only exists for the good of the whole
Act Utilitarianism Look at the consequences of each individual act and calculate value
Autonomy Freedom to act in a certain way (personal independence)
Ascetic Rigorous self denial
Bioethics the application of ethical decision making to a range of issues related to medical practice, research or healthcare
Care Ethics Branch of moral development which stresses the importance of relationships and an appreciation of practical needs
Cloning the process of making genetically identical copies of organisms
Code of Ethics a statement of ethical principles, values and behaviours expected of members in an organisation
Common Good Something that should benefit the community as a whole
Conscience Inner sense of what is right and wrong in one's conducts or motives, impelling one towards right action
Deontological Where certain acts must be done/ not done regardless of consequences
'Double Effect' Principle Actions have more than one effect
Dualism a human being is made up of two distinct substances- soul + body
Embryo Research studying living, developing, fertile eggs which are a product of conception
Ethics a discipline which involves the use of reason in decision making in terms of what is good + bad. It involves consideration of obligations, responsibilities + the purposeful actions of individuals, groups & society
Ethical Code Developed by a company or profession for employees + clients, which outlines appopriate ways of behaving to the job
Extraordinary Preserving life through extreme difficulty
Frame used to scaffold world view
Freedom of Conscience ability to have own personal intuition of free will (natural law)
Genetic Engineering making modifications to genes for the better
Genetic Screening Testing groups of people to check for potentially hereditary disorders/ diseases
Gene Therapy Medical treatment that corrects genetic defaults by replacing genes
Germ Line extending genetic treatment to the germ or reproductive cells
Informed Conscience A conscience must be well informed to determine rightness of a particular action + make people aware of the issue in decision making
Intention the end someone wants to achieve and the means to do it
In- Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) A method for assisted reproduction, which fertilises + ovum and sperm in a lab and then implants it in a woman's uterus
Intrinsic Value value someone posseses
Karma Consequence of intention to act in a particular way
Monism See the human being as a unity between soul + body
Morality A code of conduct which assist a person in the decision making process
Moral Agents People who have the capacity ti make deliberate decisions
Natural Law Innate knowledge of right and wrong that is part of being human + given to us by God; this theory relies on humans using their powers of reasoning correctly
Ordinary Obligatory procedures that don;t cause harm to life (life sustaining e.g. anitbiotics used to maintain life
Pre- Implantation Screening Screening of embryos for genetic defects prior to implantation
'Slippery Slope' prohibits some behaviours that are not forbidden, to prevent allowing it to lead to other actually prohibited actions
Rule Utilitarianism Look at consequences of having everyone follow a particular rule and calculate overall value
Stem Cell Research Using basic cells that have the potential to develop into a range of different cells
Somatic Cells Correction of genetic defects in any cell
Utilitarianism/ Telelogical/ Consequentialist best outcome when all outcomes are taken into consideration to achieve the best final product (decision)
Therapeutic Cloning Cloning of a person to the 5 day embryo stage for use in stem cell treatments
Transcendent Greater godly forces
Transfusion Transferring liquid from one body to another
Transplants Transferring an organ from one body to another
Utilitarainism promotes the greatest good for the greatest number. The moral worth of an action is determined by its overall contribution to happiness of society as a whole
Virtue/ Character Involves personal virtue; achieving good actions based on the character of the person involved