Latin Verbs

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Present I run o,s,t mus,tis,nt
Imperfect I was running/ used to run bam, bas, bat bamus, batis, bant
Perfect I ran Perfect stem + i, isti, it imus, istis, erunt
Futur I will run bo, bis, bit / am, es, et bimus, bitis, bunt / emus, etis, ent
Pluperfect I had run Perfect stem + eram, eras, erat eramus, eratis, erant
Future Perfect I will have run Perfect Stem + ero, eris, erit erimus, eritis, erint
Present Passive I am carried r, ris, tur mur, mini, ntur
Imperfect Passive I was being carried bar, baris, batur bamur, bamini, bantur
Perfect Passive I have been carried Perfect Participle + sum, es, et sumus, estis, sunt
Future Passive I will be carried bor, beris, bitur / ar, eris, etur bimur, bimini, buntur / emur, emini, entur
Future Perfect Passive I will have been carried Perfect Partciple + ero, eris, erit erimus, eritis, erunt
Pluperfect Passive I had been carried Perfect Participle + eram, eras, erat eramus, eratis, erant
Imperative Run! ama, amate doce, docete trahe, trahite audi, audite
Present Infinitive to carry -RE amare docere trahere audire
Present Passive Infinitve to be carried -RI amari doceri trahi audiri
Perfect Infinitive to have carried PERF. STEM + ISSE amavisse docuisse traxisse audivisse
Perfect Passive Infinitive to have been carried PERFECT PARTICIPLE + ESSE amatus esse doctus esse tractus esse auditus esse
Future Infinitive to be about to carry FUTURE PARTICIPLE + ESSE amaturus esse docturus esse tracturus esse ausiturus esse
Present Participle carrying -NS amans docens trahens audiens
Perfect (Passive) Participle having been carried -US amatus doctus tractus auditus
Future Participle about to carry -TURUS amaturus docturus tracturus auditurus
Gerundive (used in different ways) -NDUS amandus docendus trahenus audiendus
Present Subjunctive Fudge - diff letter em, es, et / am, as, at emus, etis, ent / amus, atis, ant
Imperfect Subjunctive Inf. + ending Portare + em, es, et emus, etis, ent
Perfect Subjunctive Perfect stem + ending Portav + erim, eris, erit erimus, eritis, erint
Pluperfect Subjunctive Perfect infinitive + ending Portavisse + m, s, t mus, tis, nt
Deponent Verbs Look Passive Actually Active
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