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How is an angle formed?
What does the measure of an angle depend on? The size of the opening between the sides.
What is the unit of measure for angle openings? Degree
Complementary Two angles are complementary, if the add up to 90, which means they form a right angle.
Supplementary Two angles are supplementary if their measures add up to 180, which means they form a straight angle
What happens when two lines intersect or cross? They form two pairs of equal angles.
Vertical Angles The equal angles are opposite (or across) from each other
What are vertical angles? Equal
Perpendicular Lines Lines that intersect at a right angle. They create a square corner.
Parallel Lines Lines that run side by side and do not cross at any point if extended.
Transversal A third line that crosses two parallel lines. When a transversal crosses two parallel lines, a set of four angles is formed at each point of intersection.
Right Angle 90
Acute Angle Less than 90
Obtuse Angle More than 90 and less than 180
Straight Angle 180
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