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Name two hard woods Oak, Beech, Mahogany, Teak, Ash, Apple.
Name the man-made board you have used in your project. MDF Medium Density Fibreboard
Explain the term 'function'. What a product is meant to do.
What plastic did you use for the curved sections of your project and give two properties? Acrylic
What tool would you use to mark a line at right-angles to the edge of a piece of wood? Try Square
How can you test if a piece of metal is a Ferrous metal? Use a magnet
What is a small electronic device that gives off light? LED (Light Emitting Diodes)
What ma-made material have you used in the construction of your work and give two properties? Plywood
What does the term Aesthetics mean? What a product looks like. (colour, pattern, appearance, texture etc...
Name a soft wood and give two uses. Pine, Spruce, Douglas Fir, Redwood, Juniper .
In the 6R's. What does 'refuse' mean? It means not accepting things that are not the best option for the environment. For example, is the packaging really needed?
Give one permanent joining method excluding gluing. Welding, riveting, nails, soldering
Name the three components shown here 83bdaeda-69e5-478d-9743-9eb0513944a8.jpg (image/jpg) Nut, Bolt and Washer
Name the tool and what it is used for. e757de11-6ca7-4634-a182-4c8aa34bbbea.jpg (image/jpg) Try Square. For marking a line at right-angles to an edge.
What does it mean if a material is a good conductor? It allows heat or electricity to travel through it.
What was the process did you use to make your round wood and the name on the machine? Turning and a Wood Lathe 5bb66b40-e29e-4c3d-b153-7332c64ff76a.jpg (image/jpg)
What does the term Ergonomics mean and give an example? How people interact with products and their environment.
What Computer Aided Design did you use in the design of your product? 2D Design, Google Sketch-up or Solid Works
Why do designers model their ideas before proceeding to the manufacturing stage? To show the client the idea • To test the idea works • To test to see if the idea is safe • To see what the idea looks like in 3D • The materials cost less • It is quicker to produce
Which are 'Technology-push? 1. Old products are made obsolete 2. Advances in technology enable new products to be designed and made 3. A material that has a high compressive strength 2.
Is Urea formaldehyde (UF) a Thermoplastic or a Thermosetting plastic? Thermosetting. Once form it cannot be reformed even when heated. Unlike Thermoplastic.
Explain the term ‘one off production’ and give an example. A wedding ring, Bespoke furniture etc..  One product is being produced  Manufactured by a highly skilled crafts person  Very expensive  Labour intensive
What does this sign mean? eaeb8de4-bcec-4a4e-8b4b-294b018f14c6.png (image/png) Not appropriate for children under 3 years of age
This chemical plant is an example of what type of production? 55f80328-2e14-4c1c-9ba0-c89f3657930b.jpg (image/jpg) Continuous production. 24/7/365
What is the function of a speaker? 0e78d7ce-4c41-4a2e-a1d7-f1ccc4739de9.jpg (image/jpg) Converts electrical energy to sound.
What is an alloy and why are they used? Is a metal (parent metal) combined with other substances to improve their strength, hardness, durability, ductility, tensile strength and toughness.
Name the 4 parts of a pillar drill with arrows. ba8640da-c532-49ce-a28b-27d1f1915e22.png (image/png) 8d37495f-dc69-420d-b4e6-61cb6d265156.gif (image/gif)