River processes

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Erosion, transportation and deposition processes of a river

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Erosion Wearing away of a river's bed and banks
Deposition Energy loss causes a river to drop (deposit) some of its load
Transportation Rivers pick and and move eroded material downstream
Hydraulic action water traps air in cracks in the river bed/banks. The pressure builds up and weakens the bed/banks which then get worn away
Attrition Rocks smash together, getting smaller and more rounded
Abrasion Rocks carried by the river wear away the bed/banks through a sandpaper motion
Solution/corrosion (erosion) soluable particles are eroded by chemicals in the river's water
Solution (transportation) Minerals dissolved in the water get carried along (we can't see them)
Suspension Fine, light material is carried along in the water
Saltation Smallish pebbles are bounced along the river bed
Traction Large material is rolled along the river bed (not enough energy to pick it up)
Competence The largest sized particle a river can transport
Capacity The maximum amount of material that a river can transport
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