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Name the four EXTERNAL steakholders -Government -Local community -Customers -Suppliers
Name two INTERNAL stakeholders -Employees -Directors
Name the final steakholder Owner
What is a stakeholder? Someone who takes interest in a businesses success.
Why are owners stakeholders? They want to make a profit.
Why are directors stakeholders? They want to make sure the shareholders get profit by the companies success.
Why are employees stakeholders? They want a good wage and a secure job.
Why are customers stakeholders? They want good products at a cheap price.
Why are suppliers stakeholders? They want the business to go to them (Spend money) for their supplies.
Why are the local community stakeholders? They want to be sponsored and provide good jobs.
Why are the government stakeholders? To take taxes from profitable companies.
What am I aiming for in business? B or higher!!! :D
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