Are criminals born or made?

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Twins studies Research into the similarity of twins, to see their criminal similarity
XYY A rare genetic pattern said to be linked to aggression and slow learning ability
Chromosome abnormality A mutation of genetic material that changes the number of chromosomes
Conform To adjust to expectations made of us
Self-fulfilling prophecy The expectations of others influence our behaviour
Generalised Whether the results can apply to others
Correlation A measure of a relationship between two factors or variables
Controls Ways to keep variables constant in all conditions of an experiment
Control group A group that does not receive an experimental condition
Extraneous variables Any variables that might affect the results of the study and are not controlled
Demand characteristic When we change our behaviour to meet the demands of the situation
Criminal consistency A person will do a crime that suits their personality and ability
Profile A list of predicted abilities, personality characteristics... that can narrow down a suspect
Psycopath Person suffering from a mental disorder with violent social behaviour
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