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Threshold frequency explanation? Minimum frequency that needs to illuminate a metal surface for photoELECTRONS to be emitted
Formula for energy of a photon? E=hf (= Planck's constant*frequency)
Threshold frequency formula? Threshold frequency=Φ/h (= work functions/planck's constant)
Formula for energy levels within any atom? En= [Z²/n² * -13.6ev ] (Z is number of protons in atom's nucleus, n is energy level number)
Energy of an emitted photon formula? Energy of emitted photon = E₂-E₁ (=Energy level higher- Energy level lower)
deBrolglie wavelength formula λ=h/p (where p= MOMENTUM=mΔv, and h is planck's constant)
Binding energy formula Ebinding= Δm * c² (= (Δm)c²)
energy in a reaction q formula? Q= [(mass of A + mass of B) - (mass of C + mass of D)] c² (where A+B-->C+D)
Relativistic formula for velocity Vstationary obj.= [u+v] / [1 + uv/c²] (where u is velocity of large object, and v is velocity of "thrown" object relative to large object)
Relativistic formula for time ΔTstationary= Y (ΔTmoving)
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