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Question Answer
What are the Catecholamines? Noradrenaline Adrenaline Dopamine
Catecholamine Synthesis: (5) Substrates (3) Enzymes 349f9a8a-24ad-4dd0-b618-d020b5b7af9c.jpg (image/jpg)
Cocaine Blocks catecholamine reuptake channels Allows Noradrenaline to remain in the synapse for prolonged period
MAO-Inhibitors Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors Inhibits the degradation of Noradrenaline so that increased levels remain in the neuron
Sympathomimetics Drugs that mimick Noradrenaline (have similar structure) and so compete to bind to MAO, displacing NA and maintaining higher levels of NA. e.g. Amphetamine, Ephidrine, Tyramine Isoprenaline, Phenylephrine
Alpha 1 Receptors Post junctional Gq Protein Causes increase in IP3 and DAG Constriction of Vascular Smooth Muscle Vasoconstriction
Phenylephrine Selective Alpha Agonist
Phentolamine Selective Alpha Receptor Antagonist
Isoprenaline Selective Beta Receptor Agonist
Propranolol Selective Beta Receptor Antagonist
Prazosin Selective Alpha 2 Receptor Antagonist (Hypertension)
Clonidine Selective Alpha 2 Agonist
Alpha 1 Receptors (1) Location (1) G Protein (1) Associated Protein (1) 2nd Messengers (1) Effect Located on Vascular Smooth Muscle Gq Protein Phospholipase C Increase in IP3 and DAG Causes Vasoconstriction
Alpha 2 Receptors (1) Location (1) G Protein (1) Associated Protein (1) 2nd Messengers (1) Effect Located on Prejunctional Neurons But Also Gut and GIT Gi (Inhibitory) Adenylate Cyclase Decrease in cAMP Decrease in NA release (Neg Feed)
Beta 1 Receptors (1) Location (1) Effect Located on the Heart Causes stimulation Increase in Contractile Force and Rate
Beta 2 Receptors (1) Location (1) Effect Located on the Smooth Muscle of Bronchi Blood Vessels of Heart, Liver, Sk.Muscle Has an inhibitory effect Bronchodilation Vasodilation Responds to Adrenaline
Beta Receptors (1) G Protein (1) Associated Protein (1) 2nd Messengers Gs Protein Adenylate Cyclase Increase in cAMP Either Inhibitory or Stimulatory Effect Depending on Location, Type of Receptor