ICT Keywords- Unit 1

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SMART PHONE- a phone offering advanced features, e.g. the ability to send emails, surf the Internet
MULTIFUNCTIONAL- having the ability to do many different things using the same device
SD and SDHC CARDS- Secure Digital cards are a type of flash memory card which stores up to 2GB of data. Secure Digital High Capacity are ideal for video cameras as they can store up to 32GB of data
FILE FORMAT- the particular code that a file is stored in. Different software and devices use different formats, which can cause problems if a device cannot decode the information
COMPATIBLE- the ability of a device to communicate and share information with another device
BLUETOOTH- allows the exchange of data over short distances from fixed and mobile devices. In order for devices to communicate they must be able to understand the Bluetooth rules (Protocols)
WIFI- wireless fidelity. It is similar to Bluetooth in that it is used to exchange data, but signals can travel further distances
GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM (GPS) - a navigational system used in many devices which gives current location, directions from current location to specified destination and distance from current location to specified destination using signal from satellites
USER INTERFACE- the way in which a user interacts with a system such as a computer or mobile phone, e.g. keypad, screens, menu and icons
REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURY (RSI)- damage caused to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves or joints, usually because of repeating the same action
ETIQUETTE- a set of rules that people try to abide by our of respect for other people around them
PUBLIC DOMAIN- materials that are available for anyone to use for any purpose (not subject to laws of copyright)
DESKTOP COMPUTER- a stationary computer, usually consisting of a tower and separate monitor. It is generally more powerful and has a larger storage capacity than a portable computer
PORTABLE COMPUTER- designed to allow the user to use the computer on the move, e.g. laptop, netbook, notebook and PDA
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