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Mindmap for ICT online shopping

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Online Shopping
1 Advantages
1.1 Far greater choice of goods
1.2 Can shop all day everyday
1.3 Can get the best price using comparison websites
1.4 Don't have to leave the home
1.5 Can send back all goods within 7 days unless customised
1.6 Can read other peoples reviews
2 Disadvantages
2.1 Have to have internet access
2.2 Cant use cash to pay
2.3 Cant touch items so cant try on clothes
2.4 Usually have to pay for delivery
2.5 Have to submit personal details
2.6 Goods could not be received and details can be stolen by hackers
3 Impacts on lifestyle
3.1 Easier access for disabled people or children
3.2 Reduce carbon footprint
3.3 Can help people with unsocial work hours
3.4 More choice for people in remote areas
4 Features
4.1 Facility to search for goods
4.2 Images provided for products
4.3 24/7 accessibility
4.4 Comparison sites can be used
4.5 Customer reviews
4.6 Bookable delivery slots
5 How they work
5.1 1.Display goods for sale
5.1.1 2.Customer places item in virtual basket 3.Customer selects checkout 4.Payment is made and confirmed 5.Goodsw are dispatched and delivered to customer
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