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Israel/Palestine conflict case study for alevel geography. - including history and resolutions
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ISRAEL - PALESTINE History >1940s - Nazi Holocaust of the Jews in Europe prompts efforts at mass migration to Palestine >1948 - Israel declares independence as British mandate ends
Events >1948-1949 - First Arab-Israeli war. Armistice agreements leave Israel with more territory than the Partition Plan >1967 June - Israel launches an attack on Egypt, and Jordan and Syria join the war. The war lasts six days and leaves Israel in control of Jerusalem >1972 - Palestinian gunmen take the Israeli team hostage at the Olympics. >1973 October - Egypt and Syria launch co-ordinated attack against Israeli forces in the occupied Sinai and Golan Heights >1982 June - Israel invades Lebanon - expel Palestine Liberation Organisation
>1993 - PLO leader to sign Oslo Declaration for Palestinian self-government and end First Intifada >1994 May-July - Israel withdraws from Gaza and West Bank >2002 June - Israel begins building barrier around West Bank >2006 - Hamas wins parliament elections 2015-16 Israel: 38 dead, 588 wounded Palestine: 235 dead, 3197 wounded, 11611 suffered smoke inhalation
Impacts - ECONOMIC The Israeli unemployment rate is 5.6%, Palestinian unemployment rate in the West Bank is 17.7% and 44% in Gaza. Israel has spent $12 billion dollars between 1989 and 2010 Palestinians stopped from working in Israel small numbers in Gaza and WB Only $60 million of Gaza $540 million budget is generated inside of Gaza 80% live in poverty and 35% are unemployed
Impacts - SOCIAL Restrictions on women's freedom by Hamas Residents of Gaza hurt by white phosphorus used by the Israeli army burning the victims skin Damaged homes by shelling Lack of medical facilities Blockade by the Israeli army makes it difficult to get supplies in
Impacts - ENVIROMENTAL Contamination of drinking water Shortage of food production Struggling to remove sewage and other waste material leading the spread of disease Damage to land due to shelling Resolutions Two-State - Separate a Jewish and Islamic state within Palestine - live side by side Israel - Complete Israel control over Palestine Palestine - Complete Palestinian control Return of Palestinians to Jordon
West Bank becomes Egyptian land and thus retains its Islamic ties with the Arab Nations Equal rights in terms of politics, social rights and human rights
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