The Port of Melbourne

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The Port of Melbourne
1 History
1.1 1842, bank of the Yarra River first served as a wharf
1.2 Constructed in 1889
2 Change
2.1 Has had to expand to cater for the increase in amount of shipping containers and size of ships
2.2 Channel Deepening Project
3 Economy
3.1 Creates jobs, eg. truck drivers, port workers and ship workers
3.2 Privatising the docks could reap $8billion
3.3 Currently employs 53,000 people
3.4 Impact of the Port on Victoria's economy in 2012-13 was estimated to be about $2.1 billion
4 Location
4.1 Located in West Melbourne on the outskirts of the city
4.2 Absolute location: 37°50'24.0"S 144°54'36.0"E
5 Livability
5.1 Port Melbourne Waterfront Urban Design Framework
5.1.1 "The City of Port Phillip has adopted the Port Melbourne Waterfront Urban Design Framework (2013) to enhance this gateway to Melbourne, its liveability and sustainable future. The plan identifies actions to guide public realm developments, improve transport and accessibility, connections to built form and community relationships."
6 Imports/ Exports
6.1 Without the port, Melbourne would not have as easy access to all of the imported products
6.2 Gives the ability for Melbourne to import things we don't/ can't manufacture here, such as cars and electronics
6.3 We are able to export our own products such as agricultural products, which boosts our economy
7 Environment & Sustainability
7.1 Planning has been done to create the PoMC’s Climate Change Strategy, which aims to reduce energy consumption of the port, which will make it more environmentally sustainable
7.2 Projects such as the channel deepening project ensure that the Port of Melbourne will be able to keep up with the constant increase in size of ships meaning that the port of Melbourne will continue to be able to handle the amount of ships coming in and out of the port.
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