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Question Answer
What's the difference between Jewish Ethics and Christian Ethics? Jewish Ethics is more law based whereas modern Christian ethics is based upon happiness, love and salvation.
What are the teachings of Jesus designed to do? Prepare people for the Kingdom Of God
What is the Kingdom of God? The spiritual kingdom where God rules hearts and minds
What 3 things did Amos Wilder argue Jesus' teachings were designed to do? 1.Instill a sense of guilt/need for repentance 2.Teach attributes that a true disciple needs in the Kingdom 3. Promote idea that Kingdom of God will soon be realised.
Give a key quote from the sermon on the mount "Blessed are the poor" "Blessed are the peacemakers" etc
What is Divine Command theory? Actions are right/wrong depending on whether they follow God's commandments
Name 3 of the six fundamental principles of situation ethics 1.Agape = selfless love 2/ Love = justice 3. Love is not preferential 4. self-giving love 5.Love must be final end 6.Decisions made depending on the situation
Give 2 Strengths and 2 weaknesses of Situation ethics Strengths: 1. Practical 2. People Centred 3. Flexible Weaknesses: 1. could justify any action 2.Difficult to determine consequences of action.
What is the key idea promoted by the epistles of Paul? Love thy neighbour, the golden rule.
Difference between Fundamentalist and Protestant use of the bible Fundamentalist = Bible is literal word of God. Protestant = Bible is focal point of authority, beliefs must be supported by scripture.