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What is weathering? Weathering is the physical and chemical processes that break rocks down into smaller pieces.
What is physical weathering? Breakdown of rocks by physical process.
What can weathering happen because of? Weathering can happen because of: -temperature change -the action of water and ice -crystallisation of salts -living plants -wind
What happens to solids when heated and cooled? When solids are heated they expand, and contract when they are cooled.
What are glaciers? Glaciers are like frozen rivers that move along the valleys very slowly.
What does water in the soil often contain? Water in the soil often contains dissolved chemicals called salt-sodium chloride.
What is chemical weathering? Water or chemicals in the water and air reacting and breaking down rocks.
What does the air contain? Air contains oxygen and carbon dioxide, and both can react with certain types of rocks.
What is erosion? Removal of weathered rock particles away from the site of the weathering.
What are agents of erosion? Agents of erosion are factors that cause erosion-water, wind and ice.
Where is the most common place erosion takes place. The most common place erosion takes place is in mountains or hills.
What is sedimentation? Sedimentation is the process of water or wind depositing eroded rock particles.
When does sedimentation occur? Sedimentation occurs where the moving water, wind or ice that is carrying the particles slow down.
What is texture? Texture is the size of the particles that make up soil.
What are the main particles in soil classified into? The main particles in soil are classified into clay, silt and sand.
What is structure? Structure is how well the soil particles join up to form lumps.
What are pore spaces? Pore spaces are the amount of space in the soil that could be filled with air or water.
What is the water-holding capacity? The water-holding capacity is the measure of how much water a particular amount of soil can hold.
What is permeability? Permeability is a measure of how fast water enters soil.
What is consistency? Consistency is the tendency of soil particles to stick together.
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