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Computer Inputs for GCSE ICT

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Input Devices Used to enter data into a computer system
Keyboard Entry The use of a keyboard to enter data, the user presses the letters and symbols
Concept Keyboard Specialised or concept keyboards are used in pubs and fast-food restaurants where the keyboard is made up of a grid of images for the various drinks or items on the menu.
Mouse A pointing device, used as a selection tool.
Touch screens A touch screen can detect exactly where on its surface it has been touched. Touch screens are used in railway stations for ticket purchase.
Joystick The main use of a joystick is to play computer games by controlling the way that something moves on the screen.
Digital Camera Takes pictures and stores them on a memory card which can then be transferred to the computer.
Webcam are used as input into the computer system as part of a video conferencing system.
Digital Video recorders used to take video films which can be input into the computer
Microphone Used to input sound into a computer system and are often used for voice recognition systems.
Remote Control The remote controller (commonly called remote) can be used to switch on and make selections on electronic devices such as televisions or hard disk video recorders. They issue commands from the pre-printed buttons and can also enter characters to set up date and time.
Scanner Used to input hard copies of pictures and text into a computer.
MIDI Interface Musical Instrument Digital Interface and is used to connect musical instruments into a computer.
Graphics Tablet A graphics tablet consists of a flat surface and a stylus (or pen), which can be used to produce freehand drawings or trace around a more complicated image.
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