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commonly used storage media and devices available are outlined

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Random Access Memory (RAM) Random Access Memory (RAM) is the computer’s working memory. Used for temporarily storing programs and data that are being used at any given time.
Read Only Memory (ROM) Used in a computer system to store the instructions for the program that runs when the computer is initially switched on,
Hard Drive Can be internal or external to the computer. It is the main backing storage of a computer used to store data and files.
Magnetic Tape Magnetic tapes works a little bit like video tape, as they use 'serial access' to find a data file; to search for a specific piece of data, the search will start at the beginning of the tape and continue fast forwarding through the tape until the target data files are located.
Flash Memory Stick/Card Portable storage medium used to store data on.
CD-ROM Compact disc which can only be read from.
CD-R Compact disc record - a disc that can be written to but only once.
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