Arranging electron, atomic mass and isotopes

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Mass numbers are not whole numbers as... They are a more accurate way of showing a variety of mass numbers
Isotope The different form of an element with different numbers of neutrons
Carbon-12 and carbon-13 occur 98.9% and 1.1%
Carbon-14 breaks down through radioactive decay to form Nitrogen an electron and electromagnetic radiation
Relative atomic mass The average mass of isotopes of an element according to their rarity
Periodic table shows relative atomic mass to... 2 decimal places
Neil's Bohr Concluded that electrons orbit the nucleus in certain distances
Electron shells Are orbits in which electrons are located around a nucleus according to their energy
Bohr Model A model proposed by Neil's Bohr in which electrons orbit in energy levels
Electron configuration Arrangement of electrons around around an atom
In the first 20 elements.. They 3rd she'll can accommodate 8 whilst higher ones accommodate 18
Maximum number of electrons a shell can hold is 2nsquared n=number of shells from nucleus
The closer the electrons are... The more stable
She'll diagrams Show electron configuration by shells in circles and electrons in pairs
Valence Shell The outermost unoccupied shell
Emission Spectrum Pattern of colours seen an element is placed under a spectroscope
Why does emission spectrum occur. When element is placed under flame electrons jump up a shell and every jump releases light in different wavelengths.
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