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Multiculturalism: Citizenship - Common set of rights and duties for all citizens - Civil, political, and socio economic rights - Gradual expansion of the class of citizens: from white, property-owning Protestant men to working class men, Catholics, Jews, women, blacks, and others
Multiculturalism: 1 - Cultural diversity of modern societies - Challenging the idea of the “normal” citizen - Rejecting exclusion, assimilation.’, marginalization, silencing
Multiculturalism: 2 - Exclusion: keeping non-White minorities out - Assimilation: forcing compliance with majority norms and practices - Marginalization: forcing Indigenous peoples onto reserves or to give up their traditional way of life - Silencing: institutionalizing the disabled; criminalizing homosexuals
Multiculturalism: 3 Demanding a more inclusive understanding of citizenship: from coercion and paternalism to consent and autonomy Recognizing a plurality of identities: integration rather than assimilation Accommodating differences
From Equal Rights to the Politics of Recognition - Three approaches to social advancement: 1) Republican: equal legal and political rights 2) Redistribution: social rights and equal opportunity 3) Recognition: endorsing cultural difference
Three Types of Minority Rights - Self-government rights for national minorities → e.g. Quebecois and indigenous peoples → e.g. First Nations: as a response to majority nation-building - Polyethnic rights for ethnic groups and religious minorities: exemptions and public funding - Special representation rights in public positions
Against Multiculturalism - Ghettoization: potential for retreat into ethnic enclaves - Emphasizes our differences rather than what we share in common as citizens - Danger of internal restrictions: potentially violating the rights of individual members of minority cultures
For Multiculturalism - Can create reliable commitment to the welfare state, therefore, no ghettoization Integration on fair terms: inclusion of all as equal - Provides external protections from the dominant culture for ethnocultural minorities - Freedom for individuals within groups, equality between groups
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