Isabella; Or The Pot Of Basil Quotes


Isabella; Or The Pot Of Basil Quotes
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"Lorenzo, a young palmer in Love's eye!" LITERARY LINK: This line reminds the audience of a line in the Shakespeare play – Romeo and Juliet, ‘palm to palm is holy palmer’s kiss’. In Romeo and Juliet, both of the lovers die. Keats is hinting that this poem could have a similar ending.
"A whole long month of May in this sad plight / Made their cheeks paler by the break of June" POET'S METHOD: PATHETIC FALLACY Keats uses the device of spring turning to summer in order to represent the development of the lovers relationship. The reader is aware that the device of the seasons also implies that winter, symbolising darkness and death, is inevitably to come.
"High conceit of such a bride" CONTEXT: At the time that this poem was set, a medieval law was still in place which meant people could only marry within their own social class. Lorenzo is aware that he has a lower social status than Isabella. This is also the reason that the lovers have had to sneak around to see each other.
"He with light steps went up a western hill, And bade the sun farewell, and joy'd his fill." TRAGIC LINK: INEVITABILITY Lorenzo is previously described as the sun, it normally sets in the West, so reveals the foreshadowing of his death.
"Even bees, the little almsmen of spring-bowers, / Know there is richest juice in poison-flowers." TRAGIC LINK: HUBRIS EXCESSIVE PRIDE AND SELF CONFIDENCE The danger that encompasses them heightens the sweetness of their love. Testing the Gods
"Why were they proud? Because red-lin'd accounts" TRAGIC LINK: TRAGIC VILLIANS This whole stanza is Keats' outburst, to show how much he hated what the brothers stood for and their villainy. "red lin'd" implies the blood the brothers have spilt to make money.
"These men of cruel clay" TRAGIC LINK: TRAGIC VILLIANS MACHIEVILIEN Because they are made of clay dehumanises them. Also shows that the evil qualities are within them. God used clay to make Adam could suggest that evil is naturally within all men.
"Before they fixed on the surest way to to make the youngster for his crime atone" CONTEXT: IT WAS UNACCEPTABLE TO MARRY SOMEONE OF A DIFFERENT SOCIAL CLASS. Although it wasn't a crime is was a social crime. So it weakens the villainous nature of the brothers. Were they just a product of society.
"So the two brothers and their murdered man" TRAGIC LINK: PITY AND FEAR / DOOMED INNOCENT Lorenzo isn't dead yet but it is inevitable because he has no chance of living so he is more of a victim. As
"She weeps alone for pleasure not to be / Sorely she wept until the night came on" TRAGIC LINK: TRAGIC VICTIM Weeps - Present tense still weeping. Wept: Past tense no longer weeping. May suggest she is over initial shock or that she has detached herself from everything. Her reaction seems dramatic as she doesn't know he is dead just that he is missing shows her love is obsessive.
"Gradual decay her beauty fell" TRAGIC LINK: SUFFERING She is physically breaking down at the loss of her love.
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