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A list of verbs I was given to study for a test, might be helpful

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aprender to learn
barrer to sweep
beber to drink
coger to pick, to gather
comer to eat
comprender to understand
correr to run
coser to sew
crecer (z verb) to grow
creer to believe, to think + que
deber should, ought to (deber + infinitive)
enfurecer (z verb) to enfuriate
escoger to choose
leer to read
nacer to be born
ofrecer (z-verb) to offer, to server
parecer (z-verb) to seem
pertenecer (z-verb) to belong
prender to seize, to grasp
prometer to promise
proteger to protect
romper to break, to tear
tejer to weave
vender to sell
abrir to open
a(n)adir to add
aplaudir to applaud
asistir to attend
conducir to conduct
construir to construct, to build
cubrir to cover
decidir to decide
destruir to destroy
destruir to destroy
dirigir to direct, to manage
dividir to divide
escribir to write
existir to exist
extinguir to extinguish, to put out
huir to flee, to run away
invadir to invade
oir to hear
omitir to omit
partir to depart, to split
producir to produce
prohibir to prohibit, to forbid
recibir to receive
resistir to resist, to hold
subir to go up, to come up, to climb
suprimir to suppress, to delete, to abolish
unir to unite, to join
vivir to live
insistir to insist
sufrir to suffer
acabar de to have just (+ infinitive)
acompa(n)ar to accompany
admirar to admire
adorar to adore
amar to love
andar to walk
animar to encourage, to enliven
arreglar to arrange
asustar to frighten
atacar to attack
ayudar to help
bailar to dance
bajar to go down, to come down, to descend
bordar to embroidar
boxear to box
buscar to look for
cambiar to change, to exchange
cantar to sing
capturar to capture
ense(n)ar to teach
celebrar to celebrate
cobrar to collect
compar to buy
conservar to conserve
constar (de) to consist of
contestar to answer
crear to create
cuidar de to take care of
curar to cure
charlar to chat
declarar to delare
dedicar to dedicate
desarollar to develop
desear to wish, to desire
devorar to devour
durar to last
jarempare to match, to pair
empatar to tie the score
emplear to employ, to use
entrar (en) to enter, to go into
entrar (de) to enter as, to serve as
enviar to send
esperar to wait for, to hope, to expect
esquiar to ski
estallar to break out, to burst
estudiar to study
examinar to examine
explicar to explain
exportar to export
formar to form
fregar to mop
fumar to smoke
fusilar to shoot
ganar to earn, to win
gritar to shout, to cry out
guardar to keep, to guard
hablar to speak, to talk
hallar to find
interesar to interest, to be of interest
invitar to invite
lanzar to hurl, to spear, to lance
lavar to wash
levantar to raise, to lift
liberar to liberate, to free
limpiar to clean
luchar to struggle, to fight
llamar to call
llamar a la puerta to knock on the door
llamar por tel((e))fono to telephone
llegar to arrive
llegar a casa to arrive home
llegar a ser to become
llenar to fill
llevar to carry, to wear
matar to kill
mejorar to improve, to make better
mirar to look at
montar to ride
necesitar to need
montar a caballo to ride a horse
nombrar to name
notar to note, to notice
olvidar to forget
organizar to organize
pagar to pay
pasar to pass, to spread
pesar to weigh
pescar to fish
pintar to paint
predominar to predominate
preguntar to ask
preparar to prepare
presentar to present
quemar to burn
quitar (de) to take away, to remove
reemplazar to replace
regatear to bargain
robar to steal
sacar to take out
saltar to jump
saludar to greet
separar to separate
significar to mean, to signify
simbolizar to symbolize
tirar to throw
tocar to touch, play (instrument or music)
torturar to torture
trabajar to work
tratar de + infinitive to try to (infinitive)
usar to use, to wear
viajar to travel
visitar to visit
nadar to swim
cocinar to cook
escuchar to listen
practicar to practice
confiar to trust
vaciar to be empty, to clear out
variar to vary
salvar to save, to rescue
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