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questions and answers on Bunsen burner
ayub osman
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who created Bunsen burners Robert burners
during the test of a tube you should always? point the test tube away from a person.
scientific drawing of equipment should be in ? 2 dimension
opening the air hole of the Bunsen burner should give a ? Blue heating flame
what is the use of a watch glass ? for transferring small amount of solid
Which is the correct sequence to light up a Bunsen burner Close air hole --> light up a match --> turn gas on --> light up the gas --> open air hole
Never leave ______ unattended. Bunsen burner
A pair of metal tongs are to be used for For removing hot crucible from the tripod
Which is the hottest part of the Bunsen flame answer : B
Why do we wear googles while making Bunsen burner? To protect our eyes from chemicals and other things .
All these items are required to start a fire - Fire Triangle, EXCEPT... Fuel Heat Oxygen water answer : Water
Which letter identifies the part of the Bunsen burner known as the Gas intake? A
what gas is used in Bunsen burner Methane
what is the hottest part? the blue flame
What is the flame you should always light the flame with ? The safety flame
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