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Define Culture. The system of shared beliefs; values, customs, behaviors and artifacts that the members of a society use to cope with their world and one another.
Define customs. The ways in which cultural behaviors are performed.
Name the 5 aspects of culture. Food Fashion Language Holidays Religion
Name the 3 cultural determinants. Geography, History and Religion.
What is cultural imperialism? When a group or nation imposes its cultural values and customs on another.
What is cultural marketing? Marketing resources that create effective international marketing campaigns that will appeal to consumers in specific countries.
If you were to plant Second Cup in a different country, what questions would you need to consider? -Is coffee a popular beverage in this country? -If it is, do they prefer stronger or weaker coffee that Second Cup blends? -Does the name Second Mean anything in this country? -Are there cultural associations with drinking coffee that would go against such drinking? -Will people buy take-out coffee or would they prefer to sit-in?
Explain how climate and arable land effect Japanese and Canadian culture. The temperature makes material for buildings and clothes different, i.e. Canadian clothes use synthetic fibers while Japanese clothes take silk and cotton. Fish and rice for Japanese. Meat and Milk for Canadians.
How does Jaffa Oranges change there product in Norway and why? Norwegians use oranges as a high source of energy so Jaffa sells oranges in ski resorts.
How does Jaffa Oranges change there product in Finland and why? Jaffa sells products in large viking boats to appeal to the culture that enjoys the mythology of vikings.
How does Jaffa Oranges change there product in Japan and why? Japanese culture makes gift giving highly appreciated so Jaffa sells products gift wrapped.
Define protocol. A certain procedure or system of rules.
Name 3 negotiation mistakes companies make. -Mentioning meeting other competitors while in a meeting. -Asking for financial statement too soon -Waiting for a response after meeting
Name the 3 ideas of business protocol. -Gift Giving -Punctuality -Schedule of meetings
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