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Travel and Tourism The temporary, short-term movement of people to destinations outside the places where they normally live and work, and their activities during their stay
Outgoing Tourists travelling away from home on a trip abroad
Incoming Other people coming to be tourists, from abroad
Domestic Tourists travelling somewhere else in their own country
Purposes Business, visiting friends and relatives (VFR) and leisure
Intangibility Can't be touched or tested before its been payed for. Therefore, operators must work hard to sell a holiday
Perishability Your travel and tourism service can't be stored up for sale later. After a certain date the booking will be gone
Inseprability Everything's done simultaneously
Risk A holiday is a big risk (money wise). Suspicions can rise from high costs, dangerous journeys and poor food/accomodation
Quality Levels They are key factors for customers. Staff must be competent, reliable, responsive and clear
Niche Market Operations Many small companies offering specialized products/services (e.g. mountain climbing in the Alps)
Package Holidays Arranged by a tour operator and include at least two of the following: travel, accommodation and food
Independent Travel People making their own way and don't usually have a fixed schedule
The Private Sector Companies that trade for profit (e.g. British Airways and Thomson - some use integration, meaning they buy other parts of the chain
Multiples The larger companies which have multiple outlets (e.g. Tui - they've created tough competition)
Small Enterprises Tend to serve local needs such as B&B's (e.g. in Blackpool)
Medium-Sized Enterprises Can still trade globally if they have an internet site but prefer serving regional customers (e.g. Jet2 and holiday camps)
New technologies The internet, satellite and global transmissions, high speed and volume travel modes and mobile phones
Currency Flucuations Exchange rates effect the buying power of tourists abroad
Government Legislation If a government decides to increase business taxes, for example, tourists and operators would pay more
Economic Change The basis of economics is 'trade'. When we want to save money we cut down on holidays/leisure
Impacts on environment Tourism can bring money but has negative effects on the environment
Motivating Factors Physical motivators (pleasure), cultural motivators (learn about other nationalities), inter-personal motivators (meet new people), status and prestige (ego)
Enablers What allow us to travel (disposable income, level of education, level of mobility). Reducing ability to travel are large families and increasing age.
Socio Economic Factors Time available and disposable income
Technological Development Computer reservation systems, internet (booking/reviews), transport development (super planes/cruises), apps, online check in, retina scans , bar codes in luggage
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