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Danger Zone the temperatures between 5'c and 63'c, where bacteria multiply most rapidly
entree a main course
a la carte menu a menu where all the food items are priced separately
al dente cooked , but still firm when bitten
au gratin sprinkled with breadcrumbs and/or grated cheese and then browned
bain-marie a large pan half filled with hot water. other pans are put in or above the water to keep warm or cook very gently.
biodegradable something that will break down naturally in the ground
bouquet garni a bunch of mixed herbs
brulee a ''burnt'' or caramelised sugar toppig for a desert
coeliac disease a person with this disease has a gluten intolerance
contract caterers caterers that provide food and drink at events or places where none is provided
coulis a fruit or vegetable puree used as a sauce
en croute where somethings wrapped in pastry
enviromentally friendly causing little harm as possible to the enviroment
flambe covered in alcohol and set on fire
garnish an edible decoration served as part of the dish.
gluten a protien found in grains such as wheat and rye
HACCP a system for analysing the hazards that could occur at each step in food production, and ways to reduce or remove the risks associated with those hazards.
high-risk food foods that are more likely to give you food poisoning, such as meat or eggs
julienne small, thin strips of vegetables
lactose a sugar found in milk and milk products
marinade a spiced liquid that meat or fish is soaked in before cooking to add flavour and make it tender
mise en place preparing your ingredients and equipment before staring to cook
pathogenic bacteria Harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning
puree a smooth mixture made by blending food or passing it through a sieve.
roux a fat (usually butter) and flour mix used to thicken sauces.
saute fry by tossing in a small amount of hot fat.
table d'hote menu a set menu with a fixed price abd limited choice of dishes
manager the manager is in charge of the whole company and is responsible on whether it makes profit or not
assistant manager larger companies may aslo employ an assistant manager to do their job and they will take over from the manager if they're away
head chef the head chef is the manager of the kitchen
sous (or second) chef the sous chef is the assistant to the head chef
sauce chef the sauce chef prepares sauces , hot hors d'oeuvres and stews
larder chef the larder chef prepares cold foods, such as salads and buffet food
pastry chef the pastry chef makes pastries, desserts and bread
vegetable chef the vegetable chef prepares soups and dishes with vegetables or eggs.
assistant (commis) chef assistant chefs are usually training to become a chef
types of communitcation verbal written telephone fax ICT
record keeping the recording and storage of data is known as data logging. There are lots of ways of taking and keeping Data.
stock control sheets list of stock organised by item. it tells you how much of each item you have in stock and when its next being delivered
invoices like a receipt - shows what was bought and how much its cost.
accident books details of any accidents are kept in an accident book
food and drink orders slips of paper to record orders - usually one per table
staff roles a timetable that shows the shifts of each staff member
restaurant booking a diary with time slots for each booking
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