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Whats Does The Blood Contain? Haemoglobin.Also The Blood Is 55% Plasma And 45% Red Cells
How Many Chambers Does The Heart Have? The Number 4 Four A Symbol Of This Number, 4 Or IV or IIII. A Set Of This Many Persons Or Things
What Does The Haemoglobin Contain? Iron A Strong, Hard Magnetic Silvery-Grey Metal, The Chemical Element Of Atomic Number 26
How Long Is The Veins In A Kids Body? About 97000 KM Equals To 60273.0056 Miles
How Long Is The Adults Veins In The Body? About 161000 KM Equals To 100040.762 Miles
Whats The Size Your Heart? The Size Of Your Fits
Where Is The Heart Located In The Body? in The Middle
Why Do You Vomit? To Get Rid Of Unwanted Bacteria In The Digestive Track
Why Do You Have Diarrhea? Its When You Eat Something Harmful And Then Your Body Tries To Get Rid Of It
How Long Is The Large Intestine? Its About 1.5 M Long And 6 to 7 CM In Diameter
What's The Smallest Muscle In Your Body? Its A Stapedius Muscle Its Located In The Middle Of Your Ear Its Only 1MM Long
Which Chocolate Is Good For You? The Dark One But The Milk Chocolate One Tastes Better Right?
Whats A Plaque? It Reduces The Flow To Your Heart Very Harmful It Is
Thanks To Atom For The Support Remember Not To Copy My Crappy Work
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