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Accused To be charged with an alleged criminal offence
Arbitration A method of resolving disputes whereby a judge in a court gives a decision
Arrest To detain someone suspected of having committed a crime
Capacity The ability of a person to do something
Capital Punishment An offender is put to death
Charge A formal allegation that a person has committed an offence
Civil Law Deals with non - criminal matters involving disputes between individuals and organisations
Conciliation A method of settling a dispute where a third party acts as an interventionist mediator
Contract A legally binding agreement
Criminal Law Law involving cases where the government has declared some action to be illegal
Evidence Information presented that helps a court reach a decision in a case
Good Behaviour Bond a type of punishment whereby the offender agrees to display good behaviour for a set time or they will forfeit a sum of money and be tried for the original offence as well as any new offences
Guarantor A person who agrees to pay another person's debts if they are unable or unwilling to pay themselves
Legal Aid Free legal advice or representation
Mediation When a third party helps those involved in a dispute to reach a solution acceptable to both sides
Minor A person under 18 years of age
Negligence The failure to exercise proper care, which could result in another person being injured or suffering a risk
Oath A promise to tell the truth or that something is true
Victim A person who is injured or killed by another person
Warrant An order from a judge authorizing police to do something (Eg arrest someone/ search property)
Witness A person who gives evidence in court
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