Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions


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Why do we measure energy? - Measure energy values of fuels - Find the energy required and released when making and breaking bonds - Energy requirement for industrial process - Predict whether or not a reaction will take place
What forms does energy take? - Light - Heat - Electrical
What is thermochemistry? Thermochemistry is the study of heat changes during a chemical reaction.
Where does energy go when bonds are made and broken? Bonds made - Energy given out Bonds broken - Energy taken in
What makes a reaction exo or endo thermic? The overall change in energy determines whether energy has been lost overall (Exothermic) or whether energy has been absorbed over all (endothermic)
An example of an Exothermic reaction? Neutralization reaction with an acid and alkali
Example of an endothermic reaction? - Calcium carbonate > calcium oxide and carbon dioxide - Blue copper sulfate > white anyhydrous copper sulfate and water
What happens if a reaction is endothermic and it is reversed? It becomes exothermic and vise versa
What does the energy in a reaction depend on? The quantity of the reactants
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