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Buckley's music often described as eclectic, covering a wide range of styles. Grace = rock ballad. Recording of the album was a lengthy process - 19 takes to get track down. Album released in 1994. CONTEXT
Texture builds up through the song as more instruments/parts join in. Middle 8 features vocal harmonies in counterpoint with each others (polyphony). Song ends with short unaccompanied phrase. TONALITY
Key unclear at start - series of chords. Moves into E minor, but tonally ambiguous in places - making it modal. TONALITY
Chromaticism used (bass guitar moves in semitones in verse 1). Dissonances. Vocal backing harmonies - hummed. HARMONY
Band line up: drums, bass guitar and Buckley performs vocals & guitar. Synthesised effects, pizzicato string sounds. Backing vocals - multitracked. INSTRUMENTS
Melismatic phrases used - 'love' - pre chorus, 'fire' - chorus. WORD-SETTING
64 dotted crotchet bpm. Remains the same throughout. TEMPO
In 12/8 time. Syncopated rhythms used for expressive effect by Buckley in verse one. Dotted rhythms. Semi quaver flowing arpeggio style patterns on guitar at beginning. RHYTHM AND METRE
Overall seems complex - but when broken down into separate parts is easier to understand. Section 1 - INTRO - VERSE 1 - PRE CHORUS. Section 2 - LINK - VERSE 2 - PRE CHORUS - CHORUS. Section 3 - MIDDLE 8. Section 4 - LINK - VERSE 3 - OUTRO. STRUCTURE
Drop D tuning, Flanger, Delay, Slide, Guitar 'whispers', Vibrato, Clean and distorted sounds, Scoops on tremolo arm, power chords. GUITAR TECHNIQUES
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