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What is the purpose of a Computer Protocol? A set of rules that define how devices on a network communicate
What does HTML Stand for? Hyper-text Mark Up Language
What does XML stand for? Extensible Mark-Up Language
What does HTTP stand for? Hypertext Transfer Protocol
What does HTTPS Stand for? Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
What does CSS stand for? Cascading Style Sheets
What does POP stand for? Post Office Protocol
What does IMAP stand for? Internet Message Access Protocol
What does SMTP stand for? Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
What does FTP stand for? File Transfer Protocol
What does TCP/IP Stand for? Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol
What is the purpose of HTML? Writing web pages for display. Made up of tags e.g. <html> <title> HTML </title>
What is the purpose of XML? A text-based means of describing data.
What is the purpose of HTTP? Client-sever protocol for requesting and delivering resources such as HTML files(web pages/WWW)
What is the purpose of HTTPS? This is HTTP used over a secure encrypted connection. Used mainly in internet banking etc.
What is the purpose of CSS? Define how HTML elements are to be displayed.
What is the purpose of POP? This is a protocol used by email clients to retrieve email from a remote email server. IMAP largely replaced POP (Email)
What is the purpose of IMAP? Alternative protocol for accessing email messaged from a server. Allows complete management of a remote mailbox (Email)
What is the purpose of SMTP? This is an old standard for the transmission of email. Used to push or deliver mail onto a mail sever (Email)
What is the purpose of FTP? Used to send computer files from one host to another over the internet. Commonly used for uploading web pages to web server.
What is the purpose of TCP/IP? Defines how data is transferred through a network.
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