The Cardiac Cycle


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Systole The Contraction Phase of the Cardiac Cycle
Diastole The relaxation Phase
Diastole Ventricles : Relax , Pressure falls Blood in arteries cause semi lunar valves to shut preventing backflow. Blood from veins enter the atria
Atrial Systole Right and left ventricles relaxed, Tricuspid and Bicuspid valves forced open, Atria Contract Blood flows into the ventricles
Ventricular Systole Atria Relax Both Ventricles contract forcing the semi lunar valves open and blood enters the arteries Tricuspid And Bicuspid valves shut due to rise in ventricular pressure.
What happens when the compartment has been emptied of blood? The compartment Relaxes
Which ventricle has a thicker muscular wall ? Why? Left Ventricle, Has to pump blood all round the body whereas the right has to pump blood to the lungs
Atrio- Ventricular Valves (2) Tricuspid , Bicuspid
Why are there valves in veins ? To prevent backflow
The heartbeat is initiated in an area of the right atrium called the ___ SAN
The wave of excitation passes across both atria until it reaches an area of tissue in the septum called the ____ AVN
This in turn passes the wave to a group of fibers called the _____which transfers the wave to the apex of the ventricles. bundle of HIS
This causes the ventricles to ____ from the base upwards and forces blood to flow out of the heart through the aorta and ___ Contract, Pulmonary Artery
Name two specialized structural features of Red blood cells, Biconcave Shape - Increased SA No Nucleus - More room for haemoglobin
Blood is made up of ..... RBC, WBC, Plasma
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