AQA AS Biology Unit 2 The Variety of Life

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Question Answer
Affinity for oxygen Haemoglobin (Hb) with a high affinity takes up oxygen easily and releases it less readily. Hb with a low affinity takes up oxygen less easily but releases it more rapidly
Associating The process by which Hb combines with oxygen (in the lungs)
Dissociating The process by which Hb releases oxygen (into the tissues)
Oxygen Dissociation curve The s-shaped curve shown by how Hb binds oxygen (first molecule is hard to load, next three load easily
Starch Storage molecule in plants, it is coiled, insoluble and can be hydrolysed to form α-glucose
Glycogen Storage molecule in animals, which has short chains so it can be readily hydrolysed to α-glucose
Cellulose Parallel chains of β-glucose joined by hydrogen bonds, forms myofibrils for strength
Chloroplasts Organelle in plant cells containing grana, thylakoids and stroma. Photosynthesis occurs here.