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The basics, basically.

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State one advantage and disadvantage of using i. a light microscope ii. an electron microscope Light microscopes • cheap • allow you to see large subcellular structures Electron microscopes: •allow you to look at smaller subcellular structures (ribosomes etc.) • are very expensive
List the main structures you would expect to find in a human cell •Cell membrane •Nucleus •Cytoplasm •Mitochondria •Ribosomes
State three extra features found in plant cells •Cell wall •Chloroplasts •Vacuole
What is the difference between the genetic material in a prokaryotic cell and eukaryotic cell? Prokaryotic cells contain a single loop of DNA as well as extra small rings of DNA called plasmids. Whereas, a eukaryotic cell's genetic material is contained in the nucleus.
Describe what flagella are They are long protein strands that lashes about, helping the bacteria move.
State one adaptation for each of the following: •a nerve cell •a muscle cell •a sperm cell 1. Nerve cells are very long in order to carry nerve impulses from one place to another. 2. Muscle cells contain mitochondria to transfer energy needed to contract. •The acroscome (head) of the sperm contains mitochondria to break the outer layer of the egg.
Suggest why a cell within a tree trunk cannot carry out photosynthesis This cell won't be able to perform photosynthesis due to its positioning as it will not be able to recieve any sunlight.
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