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Name the two types of deterrence principles. General and Individual.
Which aim of sentencing is designed to reform the offender? Rehabilitation.
Society expressing its disapproval of an offenders behavior is? Denunciation
An aim of sentencing can be the ..... of the public. Protection
Which aim concentrates on the punishment of the offender. Retribution
If the offender is made to compensate the victim this is an example of which sentencing aim? Reparation
An aggravating factor will make a sentence more lenient. False
Showing remorse is which type of factor? Mitigating
If a crime involves racism which factor will to court apply? Aggravating
Which 2003 statute deals with the punishment of adults offenders? Criminal Justice Act.
If an offender is sent to prison this is known as a ..... sentence Custodial.
The .....sentence for murder is life term. Mandatory
If an adult gets a fixed term sentence after which period of the sentence are they likely to be released on patrol. Half Sentence
Early release from prison is often accompanied by a ... enforced by a tag. Curfew.
Which community order will require the offender to do tasks such as repairing fences, local paths or cleaning rubbish? Unpaid work.
A prison sentence hanging over an offender for up to two years is called what? Suspended sentence
If an offender is told he must stay away from places such as shopping centers this is known as what type of community order? Exclusion
An offender may be convicted but no punishment given which type of discharge is this? Conditional
Name on other punishment which can be described as other ie not involving a prison or community order? Fine.
In a sentence the judge will be required to set a minimum number of years the offender must serve in prison what is this minimum term called? Tariff
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