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Question Answer
Variable A value that can change whilst the program runs
Constant A fixed value that cannot be changed whilst the program is running
Array A series of memory locations for storing the same type of data
Selection A program’s decision to run code based on meeting certain conditions i.e. an IF statement
Sequence The order in which the program runs
Iteration Repeating steps over and over again i.e a For Loop or While Loop
Functions Grouping and naming different sections of code
Parameter A special kind of variable used to provide data to a function
String A data type for letters, numbers and symbols
Integer A data type for whole numbers
Float/Real A data type for decimal numbers
Char A data type for a single letter, number or symbol
Casting The process of converting one data type to another e.g. age = int(input())
Debugging The process of checking code for errors and then removing them
Logic Error An error where the program will run but not do as intended
Run time Error An error that occurs whilst the program is executing
Syntax Error An error which occurs when a spelling or grammatical error is made
Algorithm A series of step by step instructions that solve a problem
Pseudocode Clearly showing the solution to a problem using a language that closely resembles program code
Flowchart A way of expressing an algorithm
Decomposition Breaking down a problem into smaller parts
Abstraction To filter out unnecessary information so you can focus on the key characteristics
Pattern Recognition Spotting trends or similarities in problems